Developing Visions

Through our established network, the mix of disciplines and our bank of experience – together we are a competent team to develop relevant and meaningful visions for a whole host of clients – from entrepeneurs and private businesses, to regional county councils and national institutions.

Our Process

Good, inclusive processes are a vital part of good and relevant design. The way we work includes a workshop phase, were the client or stakeholders are a part of the process. Norms are challenged in this stage and the ambition for the project is established. A good brief is the conclusion to work further with the project.

The Scetching Project

The development of a sketching project, is an ideal way that we can work to find the possibilities avaliable in the project, whilst giving the client a visual and conceptual platform to give the project a foundation.


Testing, modelmaking and mock-ups are an important way of developing a project in 3 dimentions. This often provides the project with a new degree of taktility, whilst offering room for experimentation in form or materials. Trying ideas in scale or actual size – secures the quality of the finished solution.