Designing Experiences

We as users are demanding more. We expect good service and functionality as standard. But we also expect to be entertained, to be involved, to be able to customize, to share, to be surprized – we now expect the unexpected – a total experience.


We design for human-users and not robots. Buildings are spaces for activities and experiences. We take a hands-on, human-centred focus in our projects, where the needs of the individual matter, within the larger system of things.


A multi-disciplinary approach gives the opportunity for a hollistic design plan. We want all aspects of the user experience to be syncronized with the values of the organisation or the vision of the project.


Interactivity plays an increasing role with the way we think, work and design. The ability to customize experiences, the ability to learn by doing, the role of play, the blurring of live/work boundaries and the world of social interaction have come of age.

Universal access

Universal access is a legal requirement for many projects, particularly new-builds and public space. We have experience with such planning and seek to find a good balance between design detailing for universal access and the overall public experience.